Day 24: Joff and Bonky’s 17th year anniversary.

This morning is a special day, Bianca and I have been together for 17 years and we get to spend it in beautiful KL. Breakfast is special and some gifts are shared. Today for our anniversary we are going to Sunny Lagoon water theme park, how romantic….

We spend all day walking up stairs, screaming as we plummet down rides, laughing hysterically and generally having a ball at one of the best water theme  parks we have been to. Such a great way to beat the heat.

Tonight we set off in the direction of the, we have booked our tickets for sunset, now the romance kicks in. A spectacular view of the city with the sun setting as the night lights of the tower illuminate the Stainless futuristic architecture. This design is an amazing human accomplishment. Wowed by the towers and the city night lights we make our way to a Tapas bar i spotted. For dinner we sip on cocktails and cold beers, nibble on a variety of yummy tapas and wash it down with naughty desert treats. Such and amazing day and night with my special, beautiful family and most of all my soul mate, friend and lover “Bonky Perky Tits”.

Please check out our photo and video links:


2 thoughts on “Day 24: Joff and Bonky’s 17th year anniversary.

  1. Nice blog & some quality photos going on. Congratulations to you both on 17 years together; not only an achievement but think of all the adventures along the way!
    You have two spritely & vibrant children. Enjoy the rest of your trip, looks like a blast ☝️☝️☝️👏👏👏

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