Day 23: Exploring KL.

This morning we rise talking about what to do today, the future, returning to school, some work, building a house. I have realised for the first time on this trip together we have not had these conversations until now. A true sign of a good holiday. My mind has been relaxed, it’s a good thing.

Breakfast is everything possibly imaginable so we all eat well as we are going to do some more walking. Today we are going to walk in the direction of the KLCC, there  is an underground and overhead walking system in KL, avoiding traffic and the heat. KL is an amazing city, very multi cultural, western influence and a beautiful balance of architecture and nature. We visit the glamorous shops, sip coffee, walk through the parks and cool off in the water features. A day is lost just looking and admiring KL for its beautiful visuals. The humidity in KL is high and it takes it toll on the family as we zig zag through the city back to the Hotel. Once back we rest for a while so as to recharge for the evening ahead. As the sun is setting we head out into the night, we are heading to Chinatown. The markets in Chinatown on Petaling Street are bustling with people and copies of everything. Watches, bongs, t shirts, boxer shorts, shoes, jewellery, you name it and it is here. Here I purchase some great t shirts, boxer shorts and a man ring. I’m happy. Elkie stocks up on a new bag and Marley gets a selfie stick. With a few purchases we locate the food, tonight we steamboat our food. Sitting on plastic stools dipping our skewers into the boiling water we cook our food and I wash it down with ice cold TIGER beer. We watch the KL life ease into the night. Weary and full we return back to our room. Tomorrow is another day and we have big plans.

Please check out our photos and video link:


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