Day 21: Hanoi 2 Hanoi.

This morning we awake with mixed emotions. 😀😁😂😍😜😐😳😩😡😤😱😭. It is our last day in Vietnam, today our driver picks us up from our quiet little Eco Homestay and returns us to the Chaos of Hanoi. Hanoi has been like home away from home. A safe base we know well. We pack our bags slowly and make our way down to breakfast. The cement mixer next door is fired up and the first render mix of the day is prepared next door, new seedlings  have been planted in the vegetable patch and some fresh lettuce, broccoli and shallots have been harvested. The local children get ready for school as the sun rises in the sky. Another day in Vietnam begins as our stay in Vietnam comes to a close.

In between breakfast and waiting for our driver I fish, it allows me to think clearly. I love fishing and must do more of it when I return home.

Our goodbyes are said, we jump in the car and leave along the dusty road we know so well. Hanoi here we come. From country living to the capital city we find ourselves in the same room at Cosiana Hotel that we started this amazing trip in Vietnam, kids love this as it is familiar. Our afternoon/evening and night is spent walking the Old Quarters, admiring shops, tasting food, drinking ice cold beers, coconut juice and mango lassies. Many kilometres are clocked up walking around Hanoi, tired and weary we return to the safety of our room.

Thank you Vietnam for such an insight into what you are.

Please take a look at our photo link:


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