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Wow, what an experience being away with my family overseas. For many people they may not realise that, this is the first time that we have been overseas together. New Passports, carrying our life on our backs,  emotional highs and lows, new language, new cultures and religion, different modes of transport, unfamiliar currencies, unusual weather patterns, twists on culinary delights, living in each other back pockets and most of all sharing all of this together in a period of time that is not to short and maybe not to long.

I can’t speak for the rest of the team but I can comment on what I feel, see, observe and I am part of. 

Without sounding like I am blowing our own trumpet we are are pretty FUCKING awesome really, a great team that has seen so much, shared so much and intends to do more of this as we spend more quality time together. Four individuals (that we are), all gaining from this life long experience of being a family.

Many of you know me as a realist, a facts a fact, I think in black and white ( most of the time ). I have one shot at this life because I don’t believe in religion or coming back for a second chance, and I’m ok with this. I have always lived my life this way and will continue to do so. When travelling and leaving behind me the day 2 day routine, the chores of life I realise more and more how I was made and Bianca was made for being free and seeing the world for what it is. 

“Before someone reads that bit and says but you need to work to support your journey I get all that…….”

9-5, timetables, routine, clocks and conforming have never suited us and this makes me realise more how much I must own my/our destiny. I believe in bricks and mortar, I believe in entrepreneurs and I believe in ideas, dreams and goals. Whip that up with friends family and memories and we are happy. Western society is very confusing for me and I am really challenged at the age of 43 to find the balance I require, we require to be calm and content.

Travelling really is the bomb, I love it and forgot how good it is.

My passport will never collect so much dust again. I hope this inspires people to use their passports more OR even renew them.

Travel safe, keep your doors open and be kind to those you meet.


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