Day 18: Heading South, Nimh Binh.

With high spirits we leave the resort and we leave coastal living. Today we are skimming across the ocean on a fast boat out of Cata Ba Island back to Hai Phong Bay. The sky is blue and the sun is shining which is very unusual for Vietnam. I’m not sure what it is with me but I usually seem to attract the not so normal side of life…….. Whilst powering along through the ocean and discussing random stuff with Bianca I notice a man between the two seats in front of me who is Vietnamese and wearing  a suit. He is smiling at me in a very animated manner and continues to hold eye contact with me, in a polite manner I nod at him and smile, without realising what I have done this is his cue to stand up on the fast boat with two wooden flutes and proceed to stick each flute up each individual nostril of his and play me a tune. Amazed at this physical feat of circular breathing with his nostrils whilst playing a tune on two flutes I find myself being shocked and amused all at the same time. For his grand finale he puts one flute in his pocket and the other in his mouth for a solo, very classy. Tune finished he sings something short sharp and sweet in Vietnamese, accepts applause and then sits down grinning ear from ear. what the FUCK did I just witness. He must register for Vietnam has got talent this year. I do have video evidence of this but I have to edit it first fro Bianca to approve it to go viral, stay tuned for that one, worth the wait. Between the boat being fast and the entertainment outstanding we have arrived. Our private driver is waiting for us, we jump straight in and hit the road. 3.5 hours south with a coffee, pee pee stop and some fresh fruit stalls along the way we make it to the Eco Homestay which is nestled between mountains, rivers and rice Paddy’s. It is described as the Land version of Halong Bay, it is amazingly beautiful. We have views to die for, waterlillies in flower and a Bamboo room that is beautiful with white mosquito nets on all the beds, this is now home for a few days. The rest is setting up, getting aquainted with our new surroundings and getting the kids fed.

Please take look at our photos/Videos link:


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