Day 16 and 17: Resort therapy.

Putting across the bay we leave the Mankey Island Resort behind us. With clenched bum cheeks and holding our tummies, Marley and I hope we can make it to the mainland without hanging over the edge. The salt air in our lungs and the sun on our backs livens our spirits and we put it all behind us and look forward to what is ahead of us.

Our game plan which involves firstly thanking our family who gave us some Christmas Dong to share while on holiday involved the following. Step foot on solid mainland soil, book a beautiful resort for a few days and enjoy what coastal Vietnam has to offer. 

Sitting patiently at the tourist information our ride arrives and we bundle our bags into the back of the ute. Feeling confident we have made the right decision we weave once again through the streets of Vietnam and traverse Cat Ba Island where we are greeted by the resort staff who are all smiling, saying hello and offering to carry our bags. A staircase leads down towards the entrance of the resort, as we make our way to the front foyer we pass beautiful topiary Bonsai’s, terracotta water bowls with floating bougainvillea flowers and a beautiful bamboo pot water feature. The view is a tiny bay with a private beach, Eagles are soaring above us in the thermals, the islands are dotted sporadically throughout the ocean and the bar is on the beach. Bianca has a smile from ear to ear. She hated Mankey island resort and this is her way of making up for it, we all agree this is a step up on TripAdvisor. Our afternoon and evening was beautiful, Marley and I are both back on track and the family is in high spirits. 

With a fresh beginning and a new day we head out on a tour of the Bay’s, a short drive to the port and then we are on a large vessel for 40 people, there is only 4, US. I have always known that I am my most happiest when surrounded by water, whether fresh or the sea, it clears my mind, freshens my skin and reenergises me, I love it. Today we putt around local fishing floating villages, look up at towering islands, admire stretches of isolated beaches and breathe in the sea air. Anchor down and we jump into our Kyaks, a different perspective is achieved sitting at water level while you pass the floating homes and islands, the kids love it and so do we. Our photos and videos below really depict how beautiful this part of the world is. We finish our tour by bombing off the boat. With the sun setting and a great day under our belts it’s time to return back to home base for a freshen up.

My mind is free and settled, I realise it can sometimes have a lot of clutter in it, I have started thinking about what I will do differently when I return home. I’m a better Dad, a better friend and a better partner when my mind and soul is at one. This long holiday gig is goooooooood. Pina coladas by the bar, waves lapping on the beach and the sun setting, family life is good. Tonight we have a set 4 course meal at the restaurant, the setting is beautiful and Bonky is a little pissy, good times.

The food was fantastic and exceptional the only problem was it was like eating in fast forward, the service was so quick, they would take my plate before I had finished, it was so funny we were laughing hysterically. Bellies full from eating and hurting from laughing we know we have made up for SICK SICK Island.

Thankyou family for your generous gift, we had so much fun here and the photos/videos show it.

Stay tuned for the next stage of our trip as we head South in search of caves, eco home stays and river cruising….


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