Day 13: Hanoi to New Years Eve destination.

A little twist on our holiday and we are invited by our Air BNB family to join them for New Year’s Eve at an organic farm, resort and land conservation resort outside of Hanoi. Allen our host shouts us to lunch in Hanoi before we leave, Vietnams version of subway, so good washed down with mango lassie.

Bundled into the van with the dogs and the lamb for the spit we set off on our journey, zig zagging our way through the old and new Hanoi, passed fan, plumbing, rug,  tyre, toilet, skylight shops, everything possibly imaginable. We leave behind us the silhouette of Hanoi behind us in the haze and the view is now surburban towns and countryside, mountains begin to form and the high rise buildings disappear and are replaced with corn, citrus and leafy greens. After an hour or so we arrive at our destination. Surrounded by Vietnamese forest we are shown our room which is nestled in between landscaped gardens, koi carp in ponds and roaming buffalo. A quick freshen up and we meet by the pool where we start nibbling, drinking and telling stories. The company is great, the food and wine is devine but the DJ is bad, I mean really bad, Vietnamese karaoke all night, music is so important to make a good NYE. The venue is beautiful and the hospitality amazing, we wished we had more time here , next time we are in Vietnam we will spend more time getting aquainted with this beautiful spot.With tired little children Elkie goes to bed with Bianca, while Marley and I see in the New Year together. An hour after the girls are in bed so are the boys, we have a big day ahead of us travelling from the mountains to the ocean. Happy New Year everyone that is following our trip.

Please take a look at our photo/video link:


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