Day 9: Exploring Sapa village.

Sapa is truly beautiful. With its crisp misty air, gorgeous local people all busy going about their day and a sense of NO time frame we feel relaxed and on Holiday… Not quite prepared for the cold we purchase Puff Daddy Diddy jackets and gloves and venture into the labyrinth of narrow steep roads and staircases that link this amazing town together. Horticulturist paradise here, deciduous trees bursting with new shoots and blossom, alpine conifer trees and Orchids galore. Every where I look I notice Bonsai trees in pots, all being 50,80 even 100 years old. The town feels like we are here in the off season, I like this, no pressure, no queues and no hassling to buy something I don’t really need but just blending in and being part of the town and culture. Bianca and I stop for a hot chocolate and coffee while the kids play Hacky Sack in the centre of town with a bunch of the local kids. Arm around my girl, coffee warming my being, kids having fun. I’m there.

Please  check out our photo/Video link, everyone is welcome to comment on our Blog/Webpage instead of Facebook link.

Love to you all.


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