Day 8: Attempt 2 at Christmas Day.

This morning we all slept in which was awesome, so something you don’t do when you are part of the life weekly routine. Our daily adventure plans today were to visit the Botanic Gardens and peddle a giant Swan on the West lake. Again we weave our way on foot, dodging scooters, rubbish and people. Our main goal is street food for breakfast first, close to the botanic gardens we found the best Chicken Pho with a crunchy style donut you dip in it, so good. Feeling fresh, full and hydrated we headed into the Botanic Gardens to play Cau Tuyen, link provided . We were not quite this skilful but getting better everyday. The calmness of the gardens recharged us ready for more of Hectic Hanoi. Meandering through streets lined with flower stalls, scooter mechanics, historic buildings and food stalls we make our way to the Great West Lake. A beautiful place for a coffee as we sit overlooking the lake. Giant Swan booked and we paddle off around the lake. So much fun, we loved it. Great day which made up for a challenging day yesterday, you gotta role with it. Bags are packed and our night train booked for Sapa tonight. Goodbye bustling Hanoi……… Hello country life Sapa.

Some very good and funny photos/Videos of today attached.



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