Hanoi Christmas Eve.

Day 6: Today Daddy treated the family to breakfast in their Hotel room. We sat around chatting about our plans for the day while watching the Hanoi world begin its day for Christmas Eve. Our morning objective was to go and organise our driver for the next stage of our trip. This adventure took us into the Western districts of Hanoi where we were introduced to the owners of Adventure Hanoi through our Air BNB contact. Located in a beautifully kept courtyard with Bonsai’s, cumquat trees, bougainvillea, ponds with tropical Gourami’s and a sense of calmness, surrounded by stench, noise and a fast pace. Due to the eftpos machine not working the young lady navigated me through narrow laneways where we attempted to withdraw money, unfortunately not liking my CHIP in my card. Eventually finding one that did and drawing out 5,000,000 Dong, in two stages due to being to large amount in one go. Then walking back with my hands tightly in my pocket wrapped around a huge wad of notes, always in the back of mind thinking about the old pick pockets.

Whilst the hunter was out the gatherers were treated to dried ginger, mandarins and cumquats and some fruit that tasted good but not sure what it was, yoghurt was also supplied. Apparently the little old lady just wanted to be kind and share with us, so thoughtful. Then she returns with some little live fish and shows Marley and Elkie how she feeds her not so little fish in her aquarium the little fish………

We tried to see a movie but all in Vietnamese.

Returned back to the hotel for a rest and make a Christmas tree out of anything we had in our Hotel room. We used a lamp, newspaper, teabags, beer can tabs, socks, bandages, serviette’s, textas, spoons and lollies. Please view the photo/video link for the master piece. Elkie is so keen to make sure Father Christmas knows where we are. Glass of milk and cookies are set, we have no carrots for the reindeers so a banana will do. Elkie insists on leaving our large bedroom window open, with no balcony and a 5 storey drop so Father Christmas can find her.

Dinner at our favourite Wonton and Pork Bun restaurant and off we go to shop for presents and see Christmas Eve in Hanoi. Shopping was a success, finished with having a coffee. The rest I must say was the most hectic,chaotic,manic,congested, over stimulated the senses to many people in one location experience I have ever had in my life. I’ll leave it at that. Getting out of there was the same.

Aaaaggghhh, wrapping presents with the kids, two beers in and life is calm again.

Merry Christmas everyone who is reading our blog.

Please check out photo/video link.



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