Day 5: Woke up with 3 in a bed and Marley sleeping solo. Apparently they need to find another bed for us, so Vietnam, he he he. Then we entered the lift that seems to want to eat you as you step inside, it tried to eat Bonky knocking our key for our room out of her hand which fell perfectly between the lift and the floor, thus fluttering its way down to basement level never to be seen again. Writing pen was also knocked out of B’s hand wedging itself in the door channel and wedging doors in an open position. Good start. Marley scored breakfast 7/10, fuelled up we enter the chaos of HANOI, destination Hoan Kiem Lake. Seriously out of control weaving our way between traffic, stalls, rubbish, people, chickens, cats, broken pavers, dogs and the smell of Asia. The kids were great, the lake and the temple were spectacular. I truly love the Bonsai’s at the temples. Hidden bamboo smoking implements tucked against walls near local tea/coffee stalls, insane power poles with spider webs of cabling, bikes piled high with every possible item imaginable. Topped off with a traditional coffee with a raw egg yolk and a orange liqueur, green matcha latte, caramel frappuccino now we are fuelled up to head home and grab some basics from the corner store. Time to recharge before entering out for dinner.

Stay tuned……

Please take a look at the photos/video link.



2 thoughts on “Hanoi

    1. We love you. We bought the cameras with some of your money. They were so much fun at the water park. Have you checked out the videos? What is your plan for Christmas? We have the internet so I thought we could try and Skype.


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